Short one. I was listening to a podcast interviewing President Barack Obama today and had an aha moment about getting the perfect answer for every problem.

President Obama said:

The higher up you go in any organization, the more you'll be confronted with challenges, problems, issues that DO NOT yield a perfect answer. It's worse when you become (the) president because by that point, anything that actually has a good answer, somebody solved it long time ago. Things that lie on your desk are the stuff that nobody else could figure out and you know that something about it is impossible. It's gonna be a mess and somebody is gonna be mad about whatever you do. Just because something doesn't have a perfect answer, doesn't mean it doesn't have a BETTER answer.

My aha moment (which also serve as a self reminder):

  1. You're not the president of United States, there must be someone who knows better and IT'S OKAY to ask for help.
  2. Never let the thought of "I should know better" defeat yourself. It's a complex world we live in and we have to accept that sometimes, there's no perfect answer to the problem you're facing. Learn from it and move on :)

Here's the full interview: Brené with President Barack Obama on Leadership, Family and Service.