Short one. Feel like I should write something to start the momentum since it's stated on my Instagram bio that I'll update weekly (and I'll try to start now).

There are a couple of things I'd like to achieve with SY.CO:

  • Discipline myself into the habit of reading
  • Improve in English and get better at writing
  • Document my +1% progress
  • Start a podcast series (once I've gotten the gist on what to write)

I've been taking it slow and focusing on one thing at a time. Sticking to my workout schedule is the top priority for the past two months, AND I DID IT!

My workout tracker

Completing all workouts according to plan and gained 2kg in 30 days may not seem significant but I'm proud of myself for picking up my ass to hit the gym even on the days I don't feel like it (and it's a big deal for me as I've always been underweight).

The spreadsheet above is how I track every set and reps of my workouts. I find it extremely helpful to know if I'm making progress and push myself to be at least 1% better than the last workout.

Sharing the progress actually helps with accountability

Now that hitting the gym has become a habit for me, I'll be incorporating another routine to my everyday, reading.

My reading tracker

I haven't finalised the tracking method but the commitment is to read during commute, learn 5 new words and write something for the blog everyday.

Another thing I'm really proud of, is how I track my money. It's no fancy spreadsheet but it has worked quite well for me.

My monthly expense tracker

I started with Google Keep when I was using an Android phone and now on Notes as it's easy to access on both laptop and my phone. The first section is cash inflow, then cash outflow and credit card expenses at the end.

I'd usually start a new note once I've started swiping my credit card for the next billing cycle (mid month), and the first thing I do every month when I got paid is to put the money into different accounts and pay off my cards.

This is really helpful for me plan my spendings and be discipline with my savings.

I was never a big fan of data tracking cause it can be boring sometimes, but doing so helps me learn about my progress and more often than not, recognising a pattern that I can improve on. Do share if you have any thoughts and/or interesting tracking methods!