Hey there, if you're reading this, you're probably one of the few friends that truly cares about me (thank you) and congratulations! You've earned the bragging right to say "I've been reading Shaun's blog forever ago when no one else did!" in the future, assuming this does turn out to be something that brings value to the readers and if ...I don't give up halfway.

Anyway, welcome to shaunyap.co! :) I started this blog mainly to discipline myself into the habit of reading and reviewing books and eventually (fingers crossed), launch my own podcast series. And since I'll be writing with the hope of getting into a better discipline, I figured I might as well make this blog my +1% tracker.

Here are a few questions I'm gonna ask myself to help you set your expectation:

Why not start the podcast series now?

I'm not confident on forming opinions about the books that I'll be reading, and articulate it on recording straightaway. I think writing is a good practice to put my thoughts into structure until I have a better idea on how the podcast series would look like.

What's +1%?

+1% was an idea I had a couple years back, I wanted to start a daily vlog (yes I have many ideas that I haven't acted on) tracking continuous improvements overtime. It's no original idea but this is MY blog and I'd like to take this opportunity to put the word out and find out if I'm able to achieve it.

With 1% everyday, one can be 37 times better in a year.

It may be hard to quantify that 1% for everyday but I'll be sharing track sheets of a couple things that I'm working on and what's the progress like every fortnight. (I'll write another post for this)

So yup, that's pretty much what I have for now and a majority of them are still a work in progress (including the website, and speaking of which, huge kudos to CC for helping me set up).

If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late — Reid Hoffman

With the spirit of launching a product that I'll be embarrassed about, I decided to launch this today and we'll see how it goes.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback, if you have any!