Hey, it's half a month through 2021.

How are you holding up?

Tbh, I'm not doing as well as I wanted. I was just getting used to my new routine and another round of lockdown in KL has disrupted it. If you're having some difficulties adjusting, here's a reminder that you're not alone :)

With that being said, I'm still very lucky that the impact is fairly internal and as I look back on 2020, I find myself privileged to have resources and support within reach. Hence, I'd like to pay it forward by offering 2 hours a week (throughout 2021) to whoever needs it.

2 hours may not be significant but I hope #givingwhatican would become a small wave of positivity on the internet especially during this challenging time.

Photo by Elle Hughes / Unsplash

If there's anything (commercial or non-commercial) you think I can do for you in 2 hours, please send in your request here.

For your reference, here's a list of things I think I may be able to help with:

Creative work

  1. Graphic design (Poster, social media posting etc.)
  2. Website design (Homepage, landing page etc. Maximum of 2 pages)
  3. Logo design (Only if you have an idea already, if not, we can discuss branding strategy)
  4. Video editing (Really basic editing, will be using iMovies only)

Copywriting (English/Chinese)

  1. Social media posting
  2. Translation (English ⇄ Chinese. Maximum of 2 pages)

Bounce Ideas

One hour session only.

  1. Content strategy
  2. Branding strategy
  3. Business development strategy


One hour session only.

  1. Business Model Canvas/Lean Model Canvas (Ideally with real business)
  2. Design Thinking (Ideally with real case study)
  3. Prototyping
  4. Career Development (Undergrads & fresh grads only)


  1. Fix old electronics (Basic ones like replacing phone battery/screen)

Disclaimer: The best I can do is learn from iFixit before fixing it, you'll have to bear all cost and risk.

Basic IT Troubleshooting/Setup

  1. Set up Shopify (or any other platform) for your e-commerce business (or any other purposes)
  2. Any other IT issue (I'll help if I can)


  1. Chinese Lesson (We can do 2x 1 hour session, or 4x 0.5 hour session)
  2. Kids Tuition (Chinese, English & Math for primary school only, or virtual homework companion)


One hour session only.

  1. A phone call to anyone (no prank call thank you)
  2. Send a handwritten message to anyone
  3. Talk to you about anything

Disclaimer: I'm not professionally trained for many things listed above but I've done a fair bit of 'em in my professional career and I'm confident that I can handle the basics. If you're looking for a comprehensive package, I'm more than happy to connect you to one of my talented friends.

If what you had in mind isn't on the list, share it with me anyway (surprise me!). I don't mind looking it up and learn along the way should I decide to pick up the task.

If you think this is something that'll benefit someone you know, be it a new business owner or a friend who could use a companion, feel free to share this with them or send in a request on behalf of them.

Anyway, 2 hours from my schedule may not be significant but if you like the idea of this initiative, I'd encourage you to take part in #givingwhatican too! Even if it's just an hour a month. I believe with a little contribution from everyone, 2021 will be a year filled with warmth and positivity!

Virtual hugs 💛